Our Family, Our Business

Cristee-Meade Building Company is a family owned company specializing in fine quality construction with a reputation for integrity.


Born and raised in the Colorado Mountains, Tate Locke has 20+ years of experience working in all aspects of the construction industry.  In 2003 he came to Cedaredge, CO to build a retirement home for his parents.  After spending time in the area Tate and his wife Julie, also a Colorado native,  came to appreciate and love Western Colorado and all that it has to offer. Tate and his dad, Bill Locke, formed a partnership to start the family-run business Locke Construction, which eventually became Cristee Meade.  In the past decade, they have built many houses and done countless other projects from small jobs to major remodels and additions.

Cristee-Meade Building Company takes pride in the fact that most of our new projects come by word of mouth from satisfied homeowners.

In 2010, co-founder, Bill Locke, passed away and since then Tate and Julie have grown the family-run business. In 2014 the company purchased and remodeled a building on Hwy 65 in Cedaredge for their new office and showroom.  Along with the new location, Locke Construction took the old family name: Cristee-Meade Building Company to honor its late founder, Bill Locke.  Cristee-Meade, an established family name going back several generations will serve as the foundation for our future endeavors while paying homage to family traditions and values.


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