Cristee-Meade in Focus on Business Feature

Cristee-Meade Building Company has been building and remodeling homes in and around Delta County for more than 15 years. In recent years, the company has seen a significant increase in the regional population and a similar increased demand in business as new residents look to build new or renovate existing structures. Due to this growth, [...]

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Cristee-Meade Building Company Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Delta County Independent by Don Benjamin, Contributing Writer Colorado natives, Tate and Julie Locke, arrived in the Surface Creek area in 2004 to help Tate’s parents, Bill and Karen, build their retirement home. With the home market booming, Tate and Bill decided to build a few more homes and thus launched Locke Construction. In [...]

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Surface Creek Valley, a Hidden Gem in Western Colorado

Long before we were asked to ‘shelter in place’ due to the threat of Coronavirus, the Surface Creek Valley in western Colorado has been a quiet refuge for families, retirees and individuals wishing to escape the busy and crowded lifestyle of metropolitan areas. Whether you’re looking to recreate or relax, retire or raise a [...]

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Home as Sanctuary

The irony of twenty-first century life is palpable. In an age of daily technological advancements which are designed to make our lives easier, we feel like we have less time than ever. In an environment of social media and digital connections, many Americans are lonelier and less happy than previous generations. In today’s tech-driven, [...]

Home as Sanctuary2020-05-25T19:40:51-06:00
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