Cristee-Meade Building Company has been building and remodeling homes in and around Delta County for more than 15 years. In recent years, the company has seen a significant increase in the regional population and a similar increased demand in business as new residents look to build new or renovate existing structures. Due to this growth, the company has seen significant project and revenue increases in the past five years.

To keep up with demand, they’ve added more organizational structure and hired two additional project managers headed by lead project manager, Brett Sorrentino. These upgrades have allowed the company to streamline its process and shorten its wait list. Cristee-Meade is now able to design, estimate and specify materials for a new project in half the amount of time that it previously took.
In 2020 Cristee-Meade built a large woodworking shop behind the main office. The new shop added much needed storage and expanded the ability to create custom-built furniture and woodworking pieces. Some of the recently completed pieces coming out of the shop include: maple block side tables, a customized angular maple art desk, alder bookshelves and a customized murphy bed.
The outlook for future work is bright. Cristee-Meade is now booking large projects out a year or two in advance, which keeps their long term, full-time crew of 10-12 employees busy. In between large new builds and renovations, Cristee-Meade is able to schedule smaller maintenance work and remodels.
Cristee-Meade has built its reputation on its ability to design and undertake unique and difficult renovations, custom homes and other new construction. The advantage of going with a design build firm, such as Cristee-Meade, is the ability to design to a budget and maximize every dollar going into the project. Their goal is to build trust early with every client with upfront and transparent cost structure. Visit their Houzz page to view photos of their work and read customer testimonials: